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Support element, 30 mm, for size 1

Stützelement, 30 mm, für Gr. 1

Product description

CABSYS Rail NG support element PE black. Only for support side adjustment and height adjustment. This support element is NOT necessary for the standard support – which is therefore by far the most common application. The support element is used for new installation and prevents steps/edges from forming at the joint points of the duct troughs. Follow the installation steps: 1. Mount the first trough. 2nd Slide the support element halfway in and screw it in only once with a self-tapping drilling screw. 3rd Mount the next trough while inserting the other half of the support element.

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Technical data

Item number 000632
Length in mm 24
Width in mm 30
Height in mm 16
Weight in kg 0.4
Material PE schwarz
Scope of supply Single part