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Installation of CABSYS Rail NG

Simple, fast and economical.

The CABSYS Rail NG cable duct system sets itself apart with its particularly fast and economical installation. The cover is simply "clicked on", without any additional tools. The best part: Despite its easy installation, the system meets the highest demands in terms of stability and longevity.

Das Kabelkanalsystem CABSYS Rail NG wird einfach durch "Aufklicken" des Deckels montiert

Preparation for installation

Before ordering the materials, you must have the floor conditions specified by the construction management on-site so that you can determine the correct stand length.


The cable ducts are delivered stacked on disposable pallets or squared timbers, lashed with clamping straps. Due to their low weight, the stacks can be easily transported with forklifts or other construction equipment. The stands are packed separately on pallets. The supports, additional parts and screws are packed in boxes.


After unloading, the ducts and stands can be stored outdoors. The screws, supports and additional components should be stored dry due to the type of packaging.

Ramming depth

The length of the stands, the ramming depth, the length of the part protruding from the ground and the positioning in the embankment area depend on the local conditions and are key for correct permanent elevation. Drawings and tables in the installation instructions are available for this purpose in the download area.

Assembly steps and attachment of the cover

The system is designed for easy, safe and fast installation. Only the cover opening tool from our range of accessories may be used to remove the cover.

Take a look at our short installation video for CABSYS Rail NG.

Installation video

Download installation instructions as PDF