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For CABSYS Rail NG (New Generation)

Bracket support NG-A for post profile, square 80 x 80 mm

System can be modified for various railing posts


Product description

CABSYS Rail NG bracket NG-A for supports on railings with post profile, 80 x 80 mm. The NG-A bracket is designed for high loads when transferring cables on bridge railings. The support width distance is up to 3 m. No machining such as drilling holes etc. is necessary for installation, as the bracket is screwed to the posts via clamping.
The system is designed to be variable and can be adapted to different post sizes and geometries by changing the screw and spacer tube lengths, e.g. 60 x 60 mm, 40 x 100 mm, etc.
The delivery includes brackets, counterplate, spacer pipes for 80 mm railing posts, and fastening material. The appropriate support for this must be selected and ordered separately.
In addition, spacer tubes with a length of 1 m are available in the range of accessories (item no. 000487). The pipes can be cut exactly to the desired length on site.
Some of the bridges and their railings are very old and have different designs. We have various connection variants available or can simply design a new solution for you.
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Technical data

Item number 000634
Length in mm 275
Width in mm 167
Height in mm 167
Weight in kg 3
Material Steel S700, galvanised
Scope of supply Sales unit complete with fasteners