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Cable duct with cover, size 2

Kabelkanal mit Deckel Gr. 2

Product description

CABSYS Rail NG is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (halogen-free) based on a polyester resin. Glass fibre rovings (longitudinal rigidity), glass fibre mats (transverse rigidity) and an additional surface nonwoven ensure decades of material resistance to weathering influences such as rain, wind and sun, as well as to common chemical substances and microorganisms. The cover clicks on quickly without the need for additional fasteners. Under defined test conditions in an accredited test laboratory, it was demonstrated that, in the event of a fire (e.g. bush fire), the temperature in the duct does not rise above 70 °C and the internal cables are therefore protected from damage.

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Technical data

Item number 000645
Length in mm 6000
Width in mm (inside) 250
Width in mm (outside) 340
Hight in mm (inside) 150
Hight in mm (inside) 190
Cable load in kN/m² 0.9
Weight in kg 54
Breakdown voltage in kV 30.9
Fire protection class DIN 53438-2/K1
Thermal elongation in mm/6 m component 3-5
Long-term dimensional stability according to ISO 75 in °C -30 to +80
Colour Stone grey/RAL 7030
Halogen-free Yes