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Bracket support NG-A for wall mounting (without support)


Product description

CABSYS Rail bracket NG-A for supports on walls and concrete parts. The AG-A bracket is designed for high loads when transferring cables on concrete walls, stone walls and concrete bridges. The support width distance is max. 3 m. Anchoring in the wall is carried out with 4x Fischer FHB II AL M12 x 100/10 tapered anchor rods and injection mortar FIS HB 345 s, or with equivalent or higher-quality systems. The anchoring means is provided by the customer and is not included in the scope of delivery. The appropriate support for this must be selected and ordered separately.

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Technical data

Item number 000635
Length in mm 275
Width in mm 167
Height in mm 167
Weight in kg 2
Material Steel S700, galvanised
Scope of supply Single item only. Without fasteners. Without supports and guide plates. These need to be selected and ordered separately.