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Bird (pigeons) deterrent stainless steel spikes, welded, 4 rows


Product description

Pigeon deterrent strip 4 rows made of stainless steel A2 (material 1.4301) with wire thickness 2 mm, welded to 20 mm wide stainless steel strip. The spikes have a height of 110 mm. The strips are 1,000 mm long and are screwed onto the cover of CABSYS Rail NG / CABSYS Rail. As a defense against large birds and pigeons when laying CABSYS Rail NG, e.g. on bridges or railway underpasses.

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Technical data

Item number 000482
Length in mm 1,000
Width in mm 130
Height in mm 110
Weight in kg 0,5
Material Stainless steel A2
Scope of supply Sales unit complete with fasteners