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Support height adjustment size 1

Auflager Höhenverstellung Gr. 1

CABSYS Rail NG support height adjustment size 1, with horizontal adjustment on both sides up to 30° for lowering or raising the cable duct route, for example to sink into the concrete channel or raise up the embankment. The support height adjustment can be set up extensively and flexibly: Height ± 25 mm, lateral tilt */- 3°, lateral alignment ± 10-27 mm. In addition, the course of the cable duct can be pivoted on one side by up to ± 30 °. When installing the cable duct trough, the guide plates are first pushed loosely onto the ends of the tray. Then the trough with the guide plates is placed on the base plate and fastened with only two screws. To stabilise the transitions, a PE support element is inserted into the hollow chamber of the trough and fixed with only one self-tapping screw, which saves time. The sales unit contains: 2x set base plate height adjustment, 2x guide plates, 1x support element PE and fastening material.

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