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For CABSYS Rail NG (New Generation)

Spacer tube, precision steel, seamless Ø 18 mm, L = 1,000 mm - electrogalvanised (for on-site cutting)


Product description

The spacer tube is intended for precise cutting on site. Accessory position for bracket supports on bridge railings, etc. Use when information about assembly dimensions on the railing posts is unclear, etc.

On-site processing is uncomplicated and cutting can be carried out with simple tools. The material acts ideally with the galvanized steel of our bracket brackets, bridge brackets, etc., without subsequent damage from contact corrosion to be expected. Supplied in a length of 1,000 mm including protective caps.

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Technical data

Item number 000487
Length in mm 1,000
Width in mm 18
Weight in kg 0.8
Material E235 steel, galvanized on the outside
Scope of supply Single item only