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Business deals are made between people. Our aim is to build up a long-term, trusting partnership. We will give you our personal attention and practical advice at all times. With us, you’ll have and get to know your dedicated contact.

Special designs

We will also develop and produce special designs to solve your trackside problems through our parent company, Techno-Composites Domine GmbH. We can do this for batch sizes of 1 upwards.

Tool hire

When required, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary pile driving tool to drive the supports into the ground.


If you have not previously installed the CABSYS Rail cable duct system, we will ensure that you are given appropriate instruction. We will also provide you with a comprehensive installation manual.


We always keep the CABSYS Rail I & II GRP cable duct system in stock at our headquarters in 49740 Haselünne. This is where your order is picked for delivery. By working closely with our shipping partner, we can ensure timely delivery to your site.

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