CABSYS Rail I & II. The up-to-date cable duct system, approved by Deutsche Bahn.

CABSYS Rail I & II is a self-supporting, elevated cable management system made of GRP with a system length of 6 m. The system is suitable for signalling, communication and power cables along railway lines. It requires only a narrow track. It is easy to transport and install which pays off, particularly in difficult terrain. The system is designed for a cable load of 45 kg/m (CABSYS Rail I) or 90 kg/m (CABSYS Rail II).


CABSYS Rail I & II is not suitable for use in tunnels.


Special trackside features

For all special features arising trackside, we have developed special components, e.g. for fixing to bridges, for bypassing masts, for cable outlets, for horizontal and vertical offsets, coupling and additional length kits, ducts in special sizes, etc.



Technical Data and Mounting Instructions for CABSYS Rail I & II.

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