GFK-Kabelkanalsysteme für die Bahninfrastruktur


CABSYS Rail cable ducts, cableways and structures are manufactured according to EN 13706 from halogen-free, glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP). They have the following advantages:

  • lightweight (GRP has a density of 1.85 g/cm³ – the steel equivalent is approx. 7.85 g/cm³)
  • very high mechanical strength compared with other plastics
  • corrosion-resistant (GRP does not rust as it contains no metal)
  • fire-retardant (resin formulation and design of the cable duct are coordinated in such a way that Deutsche Bahn’s fire protection requirements are reliably met)
  • electrically insulating
  • easy adjustment on site without generating sparks
  • UV-resistance and weatherproof

CABSYS Rail cable ducts require only a narrow track and can span up to 6 m unsupported. The special profile shape ensures that the duct is torsion-resistant even under full cable load and high snow load. It is easier and quicker to route and install the elevated system thanks to a wealth of technical details and a complete system.


Our cable management system has been used in many different ways and ever-evolving adaptations to the environment have resulted in a highly efficient range of components that can be used to satisfy virtually any requirements.

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